Unique Opportunity to Host a Buddhist Monk (Open Call for Corporate/Public Organisations, NGO’s , Schools and Yoga Studios in Ireland)

On behalf of Peace Revolution (https://peacerevolution.net ) I am honoured to be organising a series of unique meditation workshops that will take place in Cork and Dublin in May 2019. The basic aim of these events is to promote the Culture of Peace through mindfulness and meditation and teach individuals how to improve their mental and emotional health.

Are you a leader/or a part of a team/community that can benefit from hosting a meditation session in your own space?

Do you have the capacity to organise and gather 30+ people for a meditation workshop?

Do you see the value in learning to meditate from an authentic Buddhist monk who can provide excellent quality of meditation experience and teach simple techniques everyone can use at home?

If you answered yes to any of the above consider being a Host for one of our meditation workshops in May 2019.

To host a meditation workshop with our Buddhist Monk in Cork or Dublin, please express your interest via email: sonja.velic14@gmail.com until the 15th of March 2019.

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